Below we have provided a list of the common questions that clients ask, to help understand better and with ease who OwnBridge International is.

  1. What does OBI stand for?  OBI stands for OwnBridge International Limited.

  2. What does OBI do?  Who we are Real-Estate Specialists.

    What we do- Help clients get:

    1. Houses, offices and shops to let
    2. Plots to purchase
    3. Houses/ Homes to buy
    4. Their property valued
    5. Finance to buy property
    6. Their property managed effectively and efficiently for optimum economic result

  3. How can a client benefit to invest in real-estate through OBI? Clients should keep checking our product listing. Once they come across a product that they feel interested in, they should contact us so that we can confirm that the product is still available and offer any other additional info plus respond to their queries. Afterwards, the client is invited for a site visit, after which the client is given some period of time to think about the offer. (For property under rent, it is usually 2 days, while for property under sale, it is usually one week. However, this period is agreeable between the client and OBI.) The client, after making his/her mind, should inform us so that we can know whether we will hold the property for him/her or release it as available for other interested clients. In case the customer is interested in the property, he/she should come to our offices for signing of the offer letter and contract. (For the later, the terms are negotiated between the client and OBI and once an agreement is reached, the contract gets issued and signed.) However, this should not take more than two weeks from the date of initial offer, unless with a prior agreement with the company. For Diaspora Clients, the same process is followed, but more of electronic transfer of communication will be involved to bridge the distance. We encourage the clients in Diaspora to getting a close friend or relative within the country to view for them the property on top of the detailed communication that we pass to them.

  4. How can be sure that the property am taking with OBI is genuine? OBI strives to ensuring that all its business assignments are trustworthy and honest. For this reason, we invest heavily in due diligence for all property that we offer to our clients. It is mandatory that before any product gets approved to be listed under OBI product listing, a very thorough due diligence MUST have been conducted by our specialists and ascertained that the property is indeed clean for either sale or rent. That explain why at times we take quite long before approving new products onto our list, for a proper due diligence takes time to carry out and complete. We also urge our clients to always take their time when it comes to property market. Always remember that buying property has never been an emergency- take your time in doing your due diligence and use reputable agents.

  5. What happens if I start paying for a property with OBI then fail to complete the purchase price due to financial constrains? Under this case, the contract you signed with OBI at the start of your purchase will apply. However, OBI does offer you two solutions: Either you get your funds refunded less the refund charge that OBI will be charged by its bank to effect the refund, or take up another property that you will manage to accommodate in your budget without over-straining your pockets.

  6. Can OBI help me sell or let out my property? Yes, we welcome our clients to getting more value of their property through us. However, you and the property will be subjected to a very thorougher due diligence process before OBI accepts the offer. After this, a contract is entered between you and OBI on how the property will be managed. OBI reserves the right to either accept or decline any such offer.

  7. I want to relocate but I don't have the time to look for a new house/home, or just don't know where to start. What should I do /how can OBI assist? We have put in place systems and networks within the industry that makes us always get a first information on where vacant premises ready for renting or purchase are. On top of this, we commit ourselves to carrying out a very intensive due diligence process on any such property before referring our clients to it. This makes it certain that what we offer you/ where we refer you to is the best. Among our key considerations are security, parking facilities, water and electricity connections, proper sanitation, road networks, proximity to market areas and malls, hospitals, schools and police centers among others. We also undertake a due diligence on the stability of the structure to ensure safety of our clients who move in to the premises, though this does not make OwnBridge International Limited liable of any misfortunes suffered at the premises. For a more detailed guide, kindly check here under the relocation product. Also check on our policy.

  8. What is all about the real estate classes? Can I register/attend? Our real estate classes are as a result of the requests made to us by our clients n need to educate them on real estate investing. However, to us, we see them as avenues of educating each other. We meet to share ideas, opportunities, challenges, risks and benefits plus ways of doing real estate investments come a true dream despite the financial capability of each one of us. We listen to success as well as failure stories of real-estate investors and learn from both. We listen from our financing partners what they need so us to finance or real estate projects, as well as from law practitioners on why having a lawyer is critical when dealing with transactions relating to properties. We get to learn how to carry out a proper due diligence process and further get hints on how to detect fraudsters while still early. We listen to the government authorities, family perspectives, economists and many others- with one aim- to learn as much as possible and make the best informed decision of real-estate investing that comes with the least risk. It is a program that so long as you are passionate about investing in real-estate, then you should consider joining. Click here for more details and a guide on ho to become a member/ participant. Note that the classes are free but prior registration is required.