Property Management

OwnBridge International knows and understands the value of a property to the owner. For this reason, we commit ourselves to offering efficient real-estate management product portfolio that is well thought of and designed to cover all the interests of the owner.

We do real-estate management, including overseeing development projects, getting tenants, managing day to fay tenants concerns, offering monthly reports, quarter reports, semi annual and annual reports, all accompanied by an economic explanation.

We acknowledge that maintenance and proper upkeep of a property is the dream of each and every developer/owner. At OBI, we make this dream come a reality through our property management arm. We have a team of qualified and experienced, personnel that is fully committed to this duty. This guarantees property occupancy by reliable tenants, timely rent collection, advice on market performance and other critical areas of this concern.

To ensure 24 hour cleanliness, OBI has its own independent cleaning agency fully owned by OBI. This not only cuts the expenses for the property owner that could have been incurred in contracting a cleaning company but also guarantees full time cleanliness and at the same boosts security. OBI is also a trusted site after-construction cleanup services provider. We assist our clients get reputable security agents where need may be.
Further, we undertake to providing our clients with periodical statements and reports and help them review the same, interpret them and make from them meaningful decisions and help them re-design their portfolio strategy for optimum results.

Some benefits of entrusting us with the management of your property include:

  • Enhanced property value by offering 24 hr property management and support services such as security and cleaning.

  • Reduced tenancy turnover and vacancy cost for we aim at attracting quality tenants and retaining them.

  • Awareness support through our monthly reports focusing on your specific property and the general market trends.

  • Reduced managerial duties as we handle tenants complaints and concerns.

  • Support on real-estate accounting, tax compliance and legal compliance as well.