Our Brief

OwnBridge International Ltd is a company incorporated in Kenya under the Kenyan Companies Act of 2015.

Our main objective is to bridge our clients to their real-estate needs, and to make this happen, we focus on four main areas of operation:

  1. Global Real-Estate Investments Agency: We bring under one listing the latest property developments in the world’s leading real-estate markets and by the most reputable developers in these markets, hence offering to our clients a one-search destination for the best property investments opportunities across the globe.  We endeavour to ensure that the investments are economically viable. 
  2. Property management: We offer reliable, efficient and fair-fee property management services in Kenya. We make an effort to understand the needs of the property owner as well as those of the tenants, and try our best to bring the two to a neutral ground that leaves both satisfied. By this, we assure the property owner of getting optimum returns from his investment and as well we assure the tenant of getting value for his/her cost for using the property.
  3. Real Estate Accounting: We have an in-house team of registered and experienced CPA professionals and with a comprehensive and through  real-estate industry background.  In this team are also experienced economists who help give the financial data an economic analysis and  interpretations- which are vital to any investor. We keep our clients economically and financially informed of how the numbers look like. 
  4. Home Search Agency: It’s everybody’s dream to live in the best possible space that his/her budget can allow and to get the best value for the money paid as rent. We step in to help on this by searching for the best houses and apartments whose rental costs matches the average market costs and hence save the client from the hustle of doing it on his/her own and from over-exploitation on rent while still offering to them the best. We extend this service to offices, business premises and serviced apartments and hotels in Nairobi. 

We are committed to serving our clients to the best by giving them nothing less of the best. We therefore undertake to conduct a well-researched on due diligence on any property before introducing it to them.

As we build our brand to being the most preferred real-estate agency in the region and beyond, we assure our clients and partners of remaining credible, reliable, trustworthy, transparent and above that, to always observe honesty, professionalism and truthfulness in our communications.

OwnBridge International Ltd exists to help our clients make wise and well informed real-estate investment decisions and achieve them.

To be the most preferred real-estate investments and management agency in our entire market.

Bridging you to your real-estate needs. 


  • Honesty and trustworthy:

We offer the best that we can, and we provide as much information as we know in relation to any property. We invest in due diligence to ensure soundness of the investments that our clients make through us. 

  • Professionalism:

We handle all our clients and their diverse needs in a professional way. We inspire them with a positive attitude that their goals are worth dreaming of and that with commitment, perseverance and irresistible zeal, they will realise them. We uphold high quality ethical and excellence standards in terms of recruitment and training of our staff. We also ensure that we remain conversant with developing news so as to keep our clients informed too.

  • Efficient:

We deliver within time and in cost-effective mechanisms. Further, we employ modern technology in our internal management as well as in serving our clients- and this is geared to making our clients find our services as beneficial and economical. We keep developing our technology to make it remain relevant in the modern world technological changes.

  • Customer centred service and communication:

It is our goal to make certain that our clients attain their real-estate dreams as we aim to bridge them to their needs. To make this a reality, we put their interests first and treat them as our core-business. We ensure that our property consultancy service outshines the professional competence test by providing the latest and historical knowledge about property market and its trends as well as providing a limelight on the available and upcoming viable investment opportunities. Any time to us is our customers’time.