Home search agency services

After you have established your need to relocate, Contact us and inform us on the following:

a) Where are you moving from and where you are moving to. If you want us to organise on your actual moving, you will also need to tell us the items you are likely to be moving with.

b) Your new living area desires and budget_ Tell us the kind of a house you need (e.g is it a single room, bedsitter, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom?) and the budget you have for rent. (This is to help us search for you the best house)

c) Go to our website and see if their is any property under “let category” that can suit you.

Give us approximately 2-3 working days to get you a nice place. On average, we target getting at least three workable places for you to choose one that you will find the best.

Our charges are dependent on each assignment given and are negotiable. For commitment purposes, we always demand a down payment, then the balance is to be cleared on completion of the assignment.

However, please note that Our Policy requires that we establish the reason behind your relocation, your identity, and the right ownership of property (household items) where involved. We also confirm that the clients seeking relocation is of good conduct. For that reason, you will be subjected to an investigation and assessment in aim of clarifying the above. You are expected to give accurate information, failure to which on discovery of you having provided wrong details, OwnBridge International Limited reserves the right to end the contract without any notice or payment in lieu of notice and also prosecute you for fogged information and tarnishing of the companies name and identity.

OwnBridge International Limited reserves the right to either accept or decline any relocation requests.